The 1st of September was the launch of the AFI Screening Circuit- and the night of the premiere of a new Documentary made by local filmmakers Jillian Bartlett and Philip Myers…. no prizes for guessing where I decided to go…

Standing out on busy King Street as they would have fifty years ago were two double decker buses- beautifully restored and standing magestically in the street scape of Newtown. I was one of the few who didn’t catch the bus from the museum to the cinema- this was a community event- where friends family adn bus enthusiasts converged on the cinema to see a story they wanted to hear- a story of their heritage, of their passion, of their sacrifice, a story which reflects their community.

Filmmakers Philip Myers and Jillian Bartlett had spent 5 years following the world of the enthusiasts, the volunteers who run the Sydney Bus Museum out of Tempe- their David and Goliath Battle with the council who seek to shut down the museum for development money. This is a political film- but not overly so- there is a deeply personal story in this film- a story of history of community and of people who believe in their contribution to the world.

With beautiful photos overlaying contemporary film footage the comparisoons between then adn now are striking. The people, their accounts , their passion their labour of love, their statistical details and their knowledge is awe inspiring.

Its been said before and can’t be said enough- we need to see these stories on our screens and stages- stories where the people are their authentic selves, stories where by we are elevated , educated and inspired by the people who make up our country, our community.

It is a beautifully told story, which deserves to be seen- I am not a bus enthusiast (hell I am still on my Learners liscence!) but i found this to be a really inspiring night- with the cinema packed full , filled with applause and wanting more. Brilliant!

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