Every now and then, there is an experience which is so masterful, so sublimely elegant and honest and authentic- that you want to hold your breath incase, in some freak moment of physics, you can stop time and live in that moment.

I had that moment on Wednesday night when Mr Waites and I went on a journey into the belly of the iconic sails of the Sydney Opera House- to see Peter Grimes.

To describe it would be to destroy the beautiful delight with which audiences should be able to uniquely discover this Opera. An opera which is hearty like a home made ministrone soup, yet so light and graceful it feels like the moment when you suddenly realise that the last of the sun has finished setting and you are in the presence of night.

So all I can say at this stage is- if you have seen it- you know what I mean. If you have tickets- lucky you… you are in for one of those rare and brilliant nights of opera…. and if you are on the fence and wonder why on earth anyone would go see an opera… see this. You’ll thank me. You’ll send me a Christmas card in gratitude and perhaps name your first girl-child after me.

15 – 30 Oct
24 Oct

Adults: $256 / $204 / $146 / $106 / $70 (partial view)
Adults: $250 / $198 / $140 / $103 / $68 (partial view)
*Concessions: $225 / $178 / $126 / $93 / $68 (partial view)

Children 16 years and under accompanied by an adult: $55. This price is not available online. Please contact the Call Centre on +61 2 9250 7777 or email for more information.

*Concessions available to Australian pensioners and full-time Australian students