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Sydney Ghost Stories| Stories Like These & Picture This Productions


Sydney Ghost Stories is a collection of plays from creative producer Katy Alexander written by six of Australia’s most celebrated and up and coming playwrights: Rebecca Clarke, Verity Laughton, Tobsha Learner, Lachlan Philpott, Toby Schmitz, Stephen Sewell. This collection according to the program notes, started off as a “bare bones” production harking back to the “round the campfire” setting. And from this beginning point it has blossomed into the production that is now playing. Read more

Happy Days | Company B


Samuel Beckett’s plays aren’t easy. They aren’t meant to be.

They confront the sensibilities of the audience of what theatre is- what they are doing there- and in the half moments between being pleasantly immersed in the characters on stage- and the awareness that one is watching- there is a luminescence- “sitting here is how I am spending my life- this is my life- my life as a seated person in a black seat- watching a bright-voiced woman brush her teeth.” Read more

A Raffish Experiment: Collected Writings of Rex Cramphorn


I’ve always felt that being a theatre director is one of the loneliest jobs you could ever have…. that and a lighthouse keeper… there is a perceived social-ness about directing- you talk to people all the time- to crew, producers, actors, writers… and if you are smart you listen in equal measure (if not more) than you speak. Read more

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