I Heart Sydney small

From the moment my 12 year-old palm was pressed onto the tiles of the Sydney Opera House, I was in love. Not just with the architecture – not just with the harbour and the natural beauty surrounding it in the botanical gardens -but the history, the people, the culture. (Yes, I used the ‘c’ word.) It’s a beautiful place – and an interesting place – a new city – with some established traditions, and a sense of urgency

Sometimes I think if I could/would/will/should live somewhere else. How would my career be better/different? I loved Canada – and always will. I yearn to stride along the streets of New York City in its dreaded Summer swelter. I wonder about living in London if it would suit me – but I think of these as short term flings -1 or 2 years perhaps – It’s Sydney who stole my heart. And recently with a decision over my head of whether to stay or to leave Australia, I have chosen to stay.

I look at so many of the artists who have shaped and influenced my life and the lives of so many – Patrick White, Brett Whitely, Katharine Brisbane, John Bell, Margaret Olley -and how their choice to stay, has made Sydney and Australia a more interesting and vibrant place.

But every now and then I look to what’s happening elsewhere and I wish I was there – and if you are reading from London (I think there are six of you who are) here’s a plug to what I’d go to see:


At Theatre503, The Latchmere, 503 Battersea Park Road, London SW11 3BW is:

by Suzie Miller, Director – Natalie Ibu
19 April – 14 May 2010

Granger & Co. Estate Agency. The bear pit. Anthony is fighting off a mid-life crisis, Gary is fighting for custody of his son and Hilary is fighting off a younger, prettier colleague. But in this world the sale comes first and everything else can take a back seat.

Savagely funny and deeply touching, Sold is an acerbic comedy about the things we learn to live with and the true price of success.

“Miller’s work is a new theatre rich in theatrical imagination.” Sydney Morning Herald


At The CUB Malthouse, 113 Sturt Street, Southbank Victoria 3006

by Vanessa Bates, Directed by Pamela Rabe
What do Jamie Oliver, naturopathy, hiccups and the evolution of thumbs have in common? More than you’d think – and not all of it safe for consumption. With Porn.Cake the modern sex comedy is turned on its head and the curious nature of our indulgences and obsessions given an enticingly extra twist.
Two Gen X couples sit down at a table for some cake, but from the outset distractions, misunderstandings and contradictory desires put a kitchen knife through any chance at pleasantries. Add fairies at the bottom of the garden, stir through some road rage and binge drinking, sprinkle with perverse nostalgia and serve hot…
Witty beyond her years, and with an eye to the wise and ear for the wise-crack, Vanessa Bates is that most special of playwrights: unsparing but never cynical, coolly observant and playfully mischievous. In Porn.Cake she has concocted a deceptively layered confection in which the voracious appetites of our everyday lives are put on trial.