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Playwriting Workshops | Queen Street Studio


Playwrights are my rockstars.

Some of them even wear leather jackets (Caleb Lewis), some of them are dashing silver foxes who used to wear leather jackets (Ned Manning), some of them are bright eyed stylish ladies (Tahli Corin) and some are just so unbelievably cool they make you want to move to London and start a new life (Suzie Miller)… I love them. Not just those mentioned above – but the whole colossal lot of them – fiercly, funny, articulate – and as is the lot for many playwrights – extraordinarily hard working and patient. Read more

One Man Lord of the Rings | Charles Ross


It was a week of watching one man shows… Daniel Kitson, Tim Minchin and Charles Ross. A commonwealth of one man shows, it appears. There is something compelling about the one man format – which is most likely the intricate intimacy of hearing from one person for an hour or so. But despite this intimacy, there is something epic in the feat – for Minchin backed by the Sydney Symphony it is the scale of his wide reaching philosophical perspective, for Kitson profusion of letters which spanned 20 years and for Ross the gravitas, characters and grand narrative of The Lord of the Rings. Read more

Tim Minchin VS The Sydney Symphony | Sydney Opera House


Sometimes you need an irreverent night out. Where things are said, that are thought, but not generally acknowledged. Where it all is examined and no holds barred. By this, you could assume that really we live in a fairly oppressive or controlled state. Perhaps we do. But perhaps it’s more surreptitious than we think. Interestingly, freedom of speech has been socially tempered with the rise of being politically correct or even the preference for using euphemistic language in everyday communication. My favourite example of how much we are tempered by language is George Carlin’s piece on euphemistic language – Read more

The Interminable Suicide of Gregory Church | Daniel Kitson


For those trying to guess or track some sort of rhyme or reason to the theatre going habits of Augusta Supple – it could appear as compelling a question as where does the other go when it’s missing, or even how did even the most unpopular types of apples get so expensive? Read more

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