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Artslab Showing | Shopfront Theatre


In December last year, I had the privilege and delight of hearing form some young artists applying for an Artslab residency, their dreams and visions of their art. Read more

Who’s The Best | Post in association with Sydney Theatre Company


In 2010, Post (Zoe Coombs Marr, Mish Grigor and Natalie Rose) “embarked on a journey to find out which one of us is the best. We devised a system, defined our criteria and started tallying our scores.” Read more

Aleksander and the Robot Maid | Drop Bear Theatre & The Reginald, Seymour Centre


In my office – the front room of my Petersham art deco apartment – stands to attention the fading gilt spines of my collection of Little Golden Books. Read more

Bully Beef Stew | PACT


It’s a cold July night and the streets are reflecting light in puddles. The foyer of PACT is warmed by heaters. I know this space well. It’s not known for its comfortable content or seats – but there is something different happening at PACT these days… something that invites you in and asks you gently to do the unthinkable –

to think. Read more

Stainless Steel Rat | Seymour Centre


Context first.

Things happen quickly in the age of the internet. Read more

A Little Room – A sonnet of sorts | Carriageworks

The cavenous black space of the Carriageworks is illuminated with shards of light that slice through the space illuminating scattered places- a ramp, a patch of grass, a staircase, a kitchen, a bar. Music plays, a whimsical riff leaning towards jazz – melodic and gentle. Read more

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