Aaron Sorkin – have you heard of him? How about West Wing? A Few Good Men? The Social Network? Rarely does a TV or film writer get the type of recognition that Sorkin has mustered over his career. Usually the stars of the show are the actors. Or perhaps the director – in fact I would even argue that the producer has held more prestige with booming voices announcing “from the producer of Pirates of the Caribean”… rarely is the writer the focus. However, there is something about Sorkin. He knows how to write a story. He knows dialogue – he knows how to offer a window or insight into the world behind closed doors – and of course these are tough-talking American closed doors – which is even more intriguing to have the wheels of business revealed.

Interestingly Sorkin has written a play about television. Weird. Too self-referential to write a TV show about TV?

But is it really about TV?

In a way yes. But this story could have easily been about The space race or any of the great developments of modern technology – the topic is inconsequential – but what is at the heart of this story is the pursuit of grand ideas and an insatiable need to make dreams a reality – and the consequences of epic and altruistic pursuits. And frankly it’s a fascinating story – even if it is more story than fact. And it may sound like a flimsy premise – but on this occasion it’s the storytelling itself which is so facinating – especially with this cast.

Size aside – yes it is an overwhelming and delicious sight to behold having 19 people on stage in a “straight play” (that magnificence is usually reserved for musicals) – it’s the quality performances which carries this script in the realm of delight. The ensemble is fantastic – and director Louise Fischer has handled the cast magnificently… I frankly couldn’t imagine a better cast at the New. Script is strong, performances are strong, production values are good – and this culminates into an easy night at the theatre – and I don’t mean that in a pejorative sense, by any means.