You think that now the fringe is nearly over, or we are nearing the festive part of the year that all performing opportunities are over? You are sad (and slightly panicked you’re without a project until next year? You suspect that the string of auditions you’ve been heading to are a bit dull and obvious and you doubt ever being challenged as an actor ever again.

Oh ye of little faith!! Don’t be so dismayed! There is an opportunity that has popped up that you might want to check out… and guess what? It’s PAID WORK!!!

Check out the Audition notice from SHH below:

CALL OUT: Looking for Performers/devisors
A new performance by Shh Hybrid Arts called “How to lose sight”

About the show
… The show aims to provoke questions through its dark and cheeky humour about the loss of sight and living without sight, as inspired by true stories of blind Australians. The show is a hybrid performance that will take place in three rooms in an actual house. The first room will explore idea of blind sex. How is sex different when one loses their sight, and what comic situations can arise? The second will examine how an individual that was born blind constructs their reality. The third room will delve into the world of two young, blind artists who are obsessed with visual culture.

Who are we looking for
This show is text based – as well as visual. The mono/dialogues will be partially improvised, or at least workshopped during the rehearsals. Therefore creative minds are welcome.

There are 3 rooms. And each room will receive a 20-25 audience and each performance will be10-20min in length. Therefore you will be in direct contact with the audience, either talking to them as guests or pouring them a tea etc. In short no fourth wall and extremely intimate.

How to lose sight will take place between 31st of October and 18 of December. Some performers will be required full time some part time. The rehearsals will take place in Blacktown Arts Centre. And the showing will take place in Blacktown and Parramatta (a mini tour).

Shh is an internationally renowned company, it received many awards. The work will be directed and composed by Michal Imielski – dido. Both are known for unusual works that are extremely visually and sonically stimulating.

If you don’t know Shh’s work:

or check out the Shh website

Or read about last show at Parramatta Riverside ‘Unsex me’

Or listen to the music of Michal Imielski:!/michalimielski/music/playlists/my-playlist-19291

Main Partners:
Blacktown Arts Centre, Riverside Theatres, Parramatta Council – Pop-up Parramatta, Accessible Arts, Vision Australia, HumanWare, Arts NSW and OZCO.

PERFORMERS (sighted and vision impaired)
27-52yrs – actor – Male
27-52yrs – actor -Female
20-35yrs – male/female

45-90yrs – female actor/devisor

20-35yrs – dancer/actor
20-52yrs – actor (if you paint a plus) vision impaired
We are also looking for:
vision impaired painters – to include your paintings in the piece
vision impaired musicians

Expressions of interest should be emailed though to:
including a resume and a headshot for performing roles by: October 3rd.