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Transparency | Seymour Centre


Written on the back of her Kit Denton Fellowship (an award granted to a writer who demonstrates courage) and
in 2009, Suzie Miller’s Transparency is a play which has already lived a full life before premiering in her home country. There is something very strange about Australia and their treatment of new plays, their playwrights and the commissioning of new works. And I won’t linger too long on this in case I overwhelm my response to this play with too much context. But I must say there is something inherently brave about being a playwright – you write without guarantee of anyone seeing, reading your play, you write without guaranteed income, you dare to tell stories that may not want to be heard, and you may not necessarily be liked, appreciated or admired for airing some difficult questions to the more comfortable members of society (ie middle class theatre goers). And Suzie Miller’s Transparency is drenched in bravery and courage… right through to it’s bones. Read more

AUDITION NOTICE | Women, Power & Culture: Then & Now

wpc mca

This was a year for me to sit back, enjoy some fallow time… A time to see shows, think about things, bake muffins, tend my garden, and support the new writing world in a different way. After a wonderful year of mulitple and many productions and a hot phone and much demand – I decided that 2011 would be a very different year.
No Brand Spanking New this year… an instead I am in the director’s chair for New Theatre’s Women, Power and Culture season directing two new works by Alana Valentine and Vanessa Bates. Read more

Submissions Open for the National Play Festival 2012


Submissions Open for the National Play Festival 2012

Closing date for applications is 3 October 2011 Read more

The Libertine | Sport For Jove Theatre Company & Darlinghurst Theatre


Since it’s first performance at the Royal Court in 1994, Stephen Jeffrey’s play The Libertine has found it’s way into audition rooms, drama schools across the world, it’s even been made into a film… and the opening speech repeated and repeated and quoted and quoted, it is as difficult to handle as any of Hamlet’s soliloquies. Read more

Where the hell have you been? The foibles of being a freelancer.


I pride myself on being a strong and hardy woman. I’m active and robust and happy and keen and sharp and brilliant and ready… for most things. A full diary, a full fridge, a full theatre going calender, a full life. i say yes to many offers – for coffee or dinner, or readings, or shows… because I am a freelancer. And I’m independent. Read more

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