It’s been an intense few days – and I think I am hitting a saturation point. It is a magnificent form of torture being surrounded by 260 odd (and I mean odd) people, having confronting conversations and asking provocative questions. It has been great. Huge. Challenging. Great. It’s been great.

But I feel I may have gone a little crazy… (in a gentle way)… At this moment I’d love to unplug myself and be asleep on the grass in the park outside the Powerhouse… eat an apple and listen to the birds.

And it’s a bit shit timing as the results are being presented.

But theatre people are unrelenting and high energy. They are fiercely intelligent, passionate and wildly articulate – interesting and have great ideas. It’s hard to catch everything. It’s hard to harness all my thoughts… and so despite all this documentation and notation of the Forum, I think I might wait until I have some time and space away from the Australian Theatre Forum to reflect and do some Blue Sky Dreaming of my own.

I think a great perspective is offered by Alison Croggon who is now safely back in Melbourne – and you can check that out here: http://theatrenotes.blogspot.com/2011/09/australian-theatre-forum.html


Here’s a song…