Sometimes, after a day of stress and bother, obligation and chores, you just need to see something spectacular. Sometimes you just want to witness exquiste people performing feats of strength and precision. And sometimes you want to get lost in a moment of extreme discomfort watching a man dislocate his joints in order to fit through the head of a ten-inch tennis racquet.

The Sydney Opera House – predominently respected as Australia’s premiere venues – hosting some of the world most talented singers, musicians and thinkers is currently home to a troupe of globe-trotting gypsies. Produced by La Clique (Sydney Festival favourites of yesteryear) this is show which is billed as “an ever-changing collection of some of the most outrageous, hilarious, beautiful and downright bizarre acts you will ever see.”

Comprising of cabaret, burlesque, magic, aerial, acrobatics, clowning – it is a charming night of performances – and it’s true you may get wet, and you may get fondled and you may sit peeking through your fingers, and you may be surprised. But I promise you won’t be bored.

Performed on a small elevated stage in the centre of the Opera House Studio, with audience separated out into three tiers of seating – ringside (you may need to wear a plastic sheet), posh(intimate cabaret table settings) and mezzanine (over looking the stage) – no-one is safe from the sassy interactions from the performers. As the ringmaster of this modern-day side show says at the top of the show – “this is not a sit back and fold your arms kind of show – if you like what you see, let us know!” And so begins a very festive night.

With some familiar faces/acts – and some new arrivals – La Soiree is a mix of old and new, classic and contemporary music and genre. As the blurb says:
“David O’Mer aka Bath Boy will have hearts racing as his aerial bathtub ballet teases and pleases; Captain Frodo will have you screaming with horror and laughter as you witness just what can be done with the human body; The English Gents turn the art of acro-balance into a surreal and uniquely British amusement; punked-up aerial ballet star Bret Pfister and kooky Mooky make their Sydney debuts; Ursula Martinez returns with her cult striptease act… and we welcome the singular phenomenon that is Le Gateau Chocolat for the Sydney debut of his frocktastic take on everything from pop-rock to opera.”

Thought it largely is, it’s not all shirtless men and glittering lipped performers – there is one moment that links this show with the outside world of our everyday realities – when Captain Frodo during his rubber man routine reminds us “Isn’t it interesting, what people do for a living? Perhaps this will inspire you to do the thing that you’ve always wanted to. Follow your dreams.” Of course he is sitting on a series of diminishing tin cans with his ankles wrapped around his neck as he says this. And there is a soul expanding version of Radiohead’s “Creep” by Le Gateau Chocolat.

It’s easy to surrender to the world of each performer. This is up-market entertainment… with some tickets in the $120-mark to supply you with champagne, not just rockstar lighting – this is not a quaint cabaret variety night – nor is it the grit and sawdust of travelling circus – this is slick, sexy, surprising sideshow.