Arts Platform: Space for Skills

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”
– Margaret Mead

Oh how I love new ventures! I adore starting something new and fresh… do you? Well! Here’s your chance.

For the last couple of months I have been meeting with Sama Ky Balson and Kirk Page to scheme and dream around a new performing arts space which is opening in Surry Hills called “The Arts Platform.” The idea is for a pracical working space for the development and experimentation of new work. I, of course have a deep and passionate love of new writing – so no prizes for guessing what I’ll be up to there….

But the space is in need of some helping hands. Perhaps you are an artist that is cash-poor but skills-rich? Would you like to be a part of something? Do you need rehearsal space? A space to write or to test out a new idea?

This could be just what you’re after!

Please see below the email from the very lovely Sama Ky Balson:

Hello friends, theatre folk and family,

Some of you may know that we are very excited to be opening The Arts Platform , a new venue in Surry Hills.
The Arts Platform is currently in a raw state and will need hours of TLC to bring her up to scratch, ready to open at the end of May.
The Arts Platform is located in Surry Hills on Devonshire Street , in a great arts hub building, alongside art galleries, film studios and next to only the best cafe, bakery in town,The Bourke Street Bakery, these are only some of the perks.

It will have 30 sq meters, four desks, wifi, etc in the office space, dressing room/ bathroom, a cosy lounge area; the writers lounge and a hundred sq meters of arts warehouse space, to be used for rehearsals, exhibitions, workshops and showing of new works.

We are seeking people with skills in renovation, administration, web design, publicity to name a few to put some time into the space to get her ready for opening.

If you have some awesome skills in these areas, or consider yourself pretty handy with a sander or paint brush, do get in contact, emial (with the below questions answered) or contact me directly on 0420 422 097.

Looking forward to hearing from you and do pass this on to other creative folk.

Best wishes,
Sama Ky Balson.
Artistic Director -IPAN International Performing Arts Network


Your Skills, What you will bring to the space:

Your Interests in the Space How would you like to use it ( under 100 words)

How many hours would you like to contribute in exchange for space?

What time of day, month, year would you like to have the space available for use?

Feel free to attach any support material, photos of your work, past productions, websites.

The conditions of use of The Arts Platform for the Space for Skills are:
1. The Space for Skills offer is available around the periods of programmed events and payed bookings, at The Arts Platform, there must be great flexibility on the end of the person exchanging the Space for Skills ie: If it’s free and not being used during work hours, you may use the space for the development of your work. We do, being a new venue with overheads need to prioritize the use of the space for paying clients and the venues regular programs. The cost of space hire is $25 per hour and $20 per hour for members. If you need absolute confirmed dates and times, we recommend booking the space at a hire rate for times that you want fixed, if you are flexible with times and dates the Skills for Space is for you. You may combine booked times ie: a night for an event in addition to your flexible Skills for Space period.
2. Use of the space is be available between 9 am and 9 pm, no late night events, unless prior consent is obtained from venue management.
3. All users of the space must be mindful and considerate of neighbors and residents, no extremely loud activities, no loitering outside the venue and smokers will need to smoke away from the venue and dispose of cigarette buts in bins.
4. All staff and neighbors are to be treated with respect and courtesy, we have a no tolerance policy to any abuse of staff or to our fellow building occupants. Any such incidents would immediately terminate the use of the venue under the Skills for Space offer.
5. There will be no cash reimbursement for time donated under the Skill for Space offer, if the space is not used by the recipient.
6. The Expiration of the Skills for Space expires December 31st, 2012.
7. The Arts Platform has the right to refuse continued use of the space if the above conditions are not met.
I have read, understand and agree with the conditions of the Space for Skills exchange at The Arts Platform YES / NO