This is a small note in tribute to a friend and colleague who passed away this week – dramaturg, producer, writer Erin Thomas.

Erin Thomas was known to many for her formidable mind and bright red smile – an awe-inspiring lady with steely perception and unerring focus. She was the dramaturg for Melita Rowston’s Crushed, and last Sunday Erin unexpectedly passed away. Since then Facebook has been flooded with tributes to this wonderful woman and artist who touched the lives of many artists… over many years.

Before she passed away Melita wrote a tribute to her dramaturg for the Griffin Artist Blog, which all dramaturg should aspire to. It’s a wonderful read – check it out here:

What set her apart was her compassion and her down to earth nature. She was a genuinely lovely person. And smart. And she didn’t have to prove anything to anyone.

As a part of the Crushed team she wrote a blog-post about growing up in Tamworth-

This Saturday night friends and family will gather at New Theatre to pay tribute to her – to her work, her laugh, her heart, her cheeky smile. She was a wonderful woman and is very much missed.