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The Story of Mary MacLane by Herself | Ride On & Griffin


Ladies and Gentlemen! I assume you have heard of Emily Bronte? Mary Wollstonecraft? Of Germaine Greer? Or Naomi Wolf? Of Madonna? Of course you do! But, understand, there is a name missing amongst these figures which I will present to you. Another name must appear in this string of provocateurs – Mary MacLane! Oh yes! (..and let’s not forget, Bojana Novakovic – writer, actor and existentialist, po-mo self-referential writer and theatrical deconstructionist.) Mary MacLane! Mary MacLane? Who? Read more

Working in theatre: Sometimes it sucks


I’ve been knee-deep in applications: grants, residencies, fellowships. It takes up a lot of time. It is around this time when I start to become extremely disappointed that I didn’t choose medicine or being a librarian or a florist. But I work in the theatre. Read more

World Theatre Day 2012…


You know what? There’s a world theatre day… and why shouldn’t there be?

It sounds a bit poncy – even a bit quaint – or even unbelievable when I say ‘I work in theatre.’ And sometimes, when at bars, or parties with scientists or dentists or on buses the question that bounces back is ‘which one’ and I respond ‘all of them.’ Read more

Muffin Recipe for the home-bound artist (Or productive procrastination)

banana muffin

So we’re all a little overextended at the moment. Grants applications are due, acquittals are due (or overdue), deadlines are looming…

And sometimes it’s just a bit much. And sometimes you need a hot, moist muffin, immediately!!! Read more

NSW Writers’ Centre Playwriting Festival | What are our Favourite Playwright’s Favourite Plays?


The final session of the day: Read more

NSW Writers’ Centre Playwriting Festival | Fringe Benefits


My internal monologue whilst I sat on the panel for NSW Writers’ Centre Playwriting Festival’s Fringe Benefits panel. Read more

NSW Writers’ Centre Playwriting Festival | Reviewers V The Reviewed


And I shall continue the report of the NSW Writers’ Centre’s Playwrights Festival 2012… Read more

NSW Writers’ Centre Playwriting Festival | The Changing Face of Australian Playwriting


A report or sorts (and my thoughts) on the very tame discussion about “The Changing Face of Australian Playwriting.” Read more

Shit on your Blog? No I’d rather not.


Look, I didn’t mean for this to happen.

No. I really didn’t.

I tumbled blindly, headfirst. Utterly, deeply, into this black framed abyss – a blog. Read more

2011: A Year in Review/s


Well thank goodness that’s over! I don’t know about you, but 2011 was a weird one. Read more

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