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Have you seen me lately?


It’s been a huge couple of months – I’m about to write up a whole bunch of adventures in Art since I returned from Melbourne…

Lately I have been hard at work on my upcoming show at The Riverside Theatre “A View From Moving Windows” which features a team of over 35 artists who have been writing and rehearsing a new show which is an ode to commuter culture on the yellow train line in Sydney (more about that later).

I’ve also been talking on panels and delivering keynote speeches all around the place: Read more

Arcade Assembly | Shopfront Contemporary Arts and Performance

Arcade Assembly

The major project at Shopfront is always an adventure – previous years have seen the creative team infiltrate outdoor areas, create whole pop-up villages and go on outback road trips. This year local and closer to home the old dance hall/mechanic shop which has been the home of Shopfront for over 35 years was completely over-run by the work of one hundred artists (young people) who had made a complete arcade out of cardboard – games, installations, interactive moments with people or slingshots, dance machines, wheels of fortune. A craft table where you make your own avatar. Messages of reassurance. Diagnoses and cures. A dance party with strangers. Read more

On the Misconception of Oedipus | Malthouse Theatre


On prompting from Adelaide’s lady of blogging/twittery sass, Jane Howard, and casual agreement amongst my dear colleagues Alison Croggon and Cameron Woodhead I decided to spend my few unscheduled hours in Melbourne at the Malthouse to catch On the Misconception of Oedipus. Read more

A Hoax | Griffin Theatre Company & La Boite Theatre

HOAX_ProdPageHeroShot_330x400Read more

Helicopter | Melbourne Theatre Company


After being one of the perhaps three people in Sydney to have missed the much acclaimed and awarded “The Dark Room” at Belvoir in 2011, I leaped like a proverbial lizard at the opportunity to see her play Helicopter at Melbourne Theatre Company. Read more

His Girl Friday | Melbourne Theatre Company


Last Saturday night I was at the opening of Simon Stone/ Andrew Upton’s adaptation of Bergman’s Face to Face. On the other side of the state border, another play known as a film is opening at the Melbourne Theatre Company. This is not a comparison. To compare really would be like comparing a motorbike to a penny farthing – both have their place, purpose and era. Read more

‘Double Bill – Master Peter’s Puppet Show’ & What’s Next | Victorian Opera


Relatively new to the experience of Opera (courtesy of Mr James Waites), and a very simple understanding derived from years of Sunday afternoons of Arias (courtesy of my father’s music collection) – I have been impatient to understand the cultural clash and economic friction around opera as an art form. So with the promise of a free ticket and accumulated perspective, I refused all invitations in Sydney for 5 days, packed by bags and flew to Melbourne for Victorian Opera’s Double Bill directed by Nancy Black. Read more

Gifted by Catherine Zimdahl | Play reading at The Arts Platform


I adore Catherine Zimdahl. Read more

WORKSHOP: Write Here, Write Now at The Arts Platform


Here’s an opportunity to get together and do some writing… and on Monday 13th August… it’s PAY WHAT YOU CAN (minimum $2 donation) for a night’s worth of playwriting. Read more

Death of a Salesman | Belvoir


Reflecting on my history with Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman… Read more

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