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Playwriting Workshops | Queen Street Studio


Playwrights are my rockstars.

Some of them even wear leather jackets (Caleb Lewis), some of them are dashing silver foxes who used to wear leather jackets (Ned Manning), some of them are bright eyed stylish ladies (Tahli Corin) and some are just so unbelievably cool they make you want to move to London and start a new life (Suzie Miller)… I love them. Not just those mentioned above – but the whole colossal lot of them – fiercly, funny, articulate – and as is the lot for many playwrights – extraordinarily hard working and patient. Read more

FYI: TOOLKIT Performance Lab 2011


In February 2011, Queen Street Studio will bring acclaimed New York-based artists Barney O’Hanlon (SITI Company) and Laura Sheedy (The PIT) to Sydney to present TOOLKIT Performance Lab 2011; a two week physical training intensive for performance based artists, theatre directors and dance makers. Read more

Off the Shelf # 4 | Queen St Studio


In a warehouse in Chippendale, I sweep a giant concrete floor. I lug chairs. I listen as a rehearsal takes place. I thank Julia for buying the cheese. James checks where to put the lights. Sam sends me a text message saying good luck. Pete purs himself a glass of wine. I change out of my black, sweaty clothes into a floral dress. I welcome into Studio 10 friends, colleagues and industry representatives. I place the chalk board outside the roller door – I’ve written on it ” OFF THE SHELF” with a big arrow pointing to an open door. Read more

Off The Shelf #4 | Queen Street Studio


Don’t get me wrong- I’m not just about short plays. I believe in (as Timothy Daly once said to me) in being “a miniaturist”- but I also believ in the juicyness of a full length play. I love watching the intertwined stories within a full length play… and Australia does fabulous stories, for example… Bang, When the Rain Stops Falling, Cloudstreet, Blackrock, The Man From Mukinupin, Bran Nue Dae etc, etc.

In Australia, and in particular in Sydney, the opportunities to have a full length play developed or workshopped can be relegated to the lucky, the few at larger high profile conferences – or on the other end of the spectrum – people’s lounge rooms. Rarely do emerging writers have the benefit of focussing in on their play, with a director of their choice. And THAT’s what Off the Shelf is about. Read more

Off The Shelfers nominated for the Sydney Fringe Awards


It’s been a pretty interesting year… and playwrights and productions have certainly kept me busy. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. I feel really lucky. honoured to be working with and for Australia’s best emerging playwrights. I am also lucky to have a home at Queen Street Studio, where development and experimentation is valued. It’s been a back to back year, and every now and then, I stop and look around. To see what’s happening.

Sometimes, I poke my head up from my email, or I sit in my backyard, rooibos in hand, looking at the garden. In one of the beds are the tulip bulbs Vanessa Bates gave me on the opening night of Stories from the 428 back in March… with the heartfelt message: “you are growing us.” This spring (fringe time) Bates’ tulips had burst open into yellow and red striped flowers and their emergence had kept me going during some tricky times… I guess, reminding me it’s all about growing.

So knee-deep in Spankers (Brand Spanking New)… and I see on a cursory glance on Facebook some congratulations flying around – and I am baffled, and happy and excited: three of the Off The Shelfers have been nominated for Awards as a part of the Sydney Fringe… And I couldn’t be more thrilled for them…

Sexy Tales of Paleontology by Patrick Lenton, directed by Anne Maree Magi
The Hideous Demise of Detective Slate by Alli Sebastian Wolf, directed by Jane Grimley
Zetland by Jasper Marlow, directed by Andrew Johnston

… and if that wasn’t exciting enough- new Australian works by emerging writers have been acknowledged in the Sydney Airport Excellence in Theatre Award, in the programming of The Boiler Room… I am thrilled! Mainly because the message it sends is clear- Australian works are good, in fact, they are exciting! Read more

Playwriting with Kate Mulvany | Queen Street Studio


Here’s an awesome opportunity to kick your play or play idea into high-gear with this very special play writing workshop series over October and November. Facilitated by Award-winning Australian playwrights this play writing workshop series will give you insight into the process of play writing. This 3-week workshop series will provide you with a new-found discipline to dive into your play with vigour and imagination and kicks off with Kate Mulvany.

It’s no secret. I love playwrights. Completely. Utterly. Obsessively.

And occasionally (probably twice or three times a year) I have the great fortune of spending some time with playwrights in the form of short courses at various places and I have been honoured to have the time and company of some of Australia’s most respected, award wining, creative, prolific writers: Hilary Bell, Timothy Daly, Noelle Janaczewska, Caleb Lewis…

There are many reasons why I like short courses-

1. I have come to the understanding that no two playwrights are the same, nor do they enter a room the same way.

2.For me playwrighting courses are the easiest way to meet playwrights. Writers are (like many artists) reclusive by nature- their craft takes time and solitary-ness… silence and focus. This doesn’t mean they are anti social- just they spend alot of time with words and computers. Short courses let me get to know writers- let me find out who they are, how they think, what they want, what they are passionate about…

3. Courses force me to stop and focus. To get away from my email and all the demands of my laundry and everyday life and focus on story- focus on what I love. It encourages me to priviledge my time and my thoughts. It forces me to have discipline about my own writing, allowing me to see and use techniques for when inspiration is thin on the ground… ‘Coz inspiration is for amateurs as someone once said… and a job is a job. Storytelling is a job and it’’s important to keep going at work- even when you don’t “feel” like it.

TOOLKIT is Queen Street Studio’s professional development program for Sydney’s independent performing arts community and is perfect for anyone interested in adding skills and inspiration to their creative ‘tool kit’. Lead by Australia’s most inspired and experienced artists; TOOLKIT is designed to provide a great environment for trying out new ideas and developing new approaches alongside a diverse cross-section of our artistic community. TOOLKIT is supported by the City of Sydney.The program is specifically for emerging or mid-career performance practitioners and is open to members and non-members of Queen Street Studio.

Wednesday 20th October, 6pm- 9pm
Fraser Studios
14- 16 Kensington Street, Chippendale

OFF THE SHELF Script Development Hothouse| Queen Street Studio


Yesterday was playwriting Australia’s marathon “Breaking Down the Doors” which offered over 80 playwrights the opportuntity to have a section/scene of their work read by professional actors, facilitated by professional directors at Carriageworks. I was one of the few folk who attended over 8 hours of playreading (yep, I’m hardcore!) making notes on the plays I had seen or read before, writers I knew, writers I didn’t know and writers I want to know. It was large scale, impressive carousel of plays. By contrast Off the Shelf- an opportunity for plays to be developed over a month is an intimate affair: only 5 teams are selected- the readings are for an invited audience only. There are several scripts developed during Off the Shelf that have gone onto have a production- Combat Fatigue, Sexy Tales of Paleontology, Zetland and The Hideous Demise of Detective Slate have all been included in the Sydney Fringe, And Of the Causes of Wonderful Things is on at Next Wave Festival in Brisbane.

Queen Street Studio is a wonderful place to work… built on the vision of Sam Chester and James Winter, Queen Street Studio is an artist run rehearsal space, meeting and event venue that fosters and encourages the development of artists.


In the performing arts industry, sometimes it feel as though you are fighting a beaurocracy, being selected by administrators, not peers or artists… sometimes it is lonely and isolating. Queen Street Studio is the place where performers, performance makers and writers can come to be nurtured, develop work or process, and rehearse. I am honoured to be a part of the team at Queen Street Studio, and able to provide emerging writers an opportunity to develop new scripts. Read more

Queen Street Studio’s Blueprint Residency | FraserStudios, Chippendale


Last Saturday night, under a clear dark blue sky, fifty people stood on the street in Chippendale, waiting for the latest showing at Queen Street Studio to start. Busy talking amongst themselves, it took a while for the audience to notice the elephant walking towards them- holding a sign which said:


and another that said

“Follow Me”

We made our way en masse under the roller door of Studio 10- into a new world. Or a familiar world re-invented by the artists within.
Read more

Off the Shelf and Into the Fringe


Sunday was a big day. Not just any Sunday- but a pretty special Sunday- the day for industry and peers to come and offer their support, thoughts, feedback to the four new works which have been in development through Queen Street Studio’s Script development hothouse “Off the Shelf”. Read more

Off the Shelf and Into The Fringe

It’s an exciting time for Sydney’s independent artists.

An exciting time for those who are brave enough to throw themselves into the big, deep unknown.

It’s an exciting time for those teams who have been in rehearsal the last 4 weeks, refining and developing their scripts for the first taste of the Sydney Fringe… in the Off the Shelf showing this weekend… Read more

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