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2011: A Year in Review/s


Well thank goodness that’s over! I don’t know about you, but 2011 was a weird one. Read more

Transparency | Seymour Centre


Written on the back of her Kit Denton Fellowship (an award granted to a writer who demonstrates courage) and
in 2009, Suzie Miller’s Transparency is a play which has already lived a full life before premiering in her home country. There is something very strange about Australia and their treatment of new plays, their playwrights and the commissioning of new works. And I won’t linger too long on this in case I overwhelm my response to this play with too much context. But I must say there is something inherently brave about being a playwright – you write without guarantee of anyone seeing, reading your play, you write without guaranteed income, you dare to tell stories that may not want to be heard, and you may not necessarily be liked, appreciated or admired for airing some difficult questions to the more comfortable members of society (ie middle class theatre goers). And Suzie Miller’s Transparency is drenched in bravery and courage… right through to it’s bones. Read more

AUDITION NOTICE | Women, Power & Culture: Then & Now

wpc mca

This was a year for me to sit back, enjoy some fallow time… A time to see shows, think about things, bake muffins, tend my garden, and support the new writing world in a different way. After a wonderful year of mulitple and many productions and a hot phone and much demand – I decided that 2011 would be a very different year.
No Brand Spanking New this year… an instead I am in the director’s chair for New Theatre’s Women, Power and Culture season directing two new works by Alana Valentine and Vanessa Bates. Read more

I love Sydney but…

I Heart Sydney small

From the moment my 12 year-old palm was pressed onto the tiles of the Sydney Opera House, I was in love. Not just with the architecture – not just with the harbour and the natural beauty surrounding it in the botanical gardens -but the history, the people, the culture. (Yes, I used the ‘c’ word.) It’s a beautiful place – and an interesting place – a new city – with some established traditions, and a sense of urgency Read more

Playwriting Workshops | Queen Street Studio


Playwrights are my rockstars.

Some of them even wear leather jackets (Caleb Lewis), some of them are dashing silver foxes who used to wear leather jackets (Ned Manning), some of them are bright eyed stylish ladies (Tahli Corin) and some are just so unbelievably cool they make you want to move to London and start a new life (Suzie Miller)… I love them. Not just those mentioned above – but the whole colossal lot of them – fiercly, funny, articulate – and as is the lot for many playwrights – extraordinarily hard working and patient. Read more

Short Form Theatre – What is it good for?


It’s not a secret. There is an abundance of short form theatre proliferating on Sydney stages. And it’s not just in the independent and amateur sector – with two of Sydney’s main stage companies turning to short form theatre to fill their season – Sydney Theatre Company’s Money Shots (6, 15 minute plays about money) and Belvoir’s The Kiss four short plays bundled together from Australia and beyond to examine The Kiss. Read more

Merit vs Misogyny in Australian Theatre – and what we’re going to do about it

Woman Writing Letters by Charles Dana Gibson

There has been a simmering discussion amongst AWOL (Australian Women Playwrights On Line) about the presence (or lack of presence) of female writers included in the mainstage theatre seasons. Currently in Main stage seasons women are grossly unrepresented – and it’s not because there aren’t any women writing plays. There are. When curating the multi-playwright seasons I have produced in the last 4 years, I have not struggled to find quality female playwrights, and not just any female playwrights – excellent playwrights.

In late 2009, the Philip Parson’s Award hosted a panel discussion “Where are the women?” to which 200-ish female theatre workers turned up to prove exactly where the women are (Just in case Belvoir couldn’t see them, as their 2010 suggested) – they were filling the theatre. that day I sat with Suzie Miller and Vanessa Bates. When confronted with the argument that women aren’t being programmed because scripts and directors are assessed on merit not gender – Miller told of her experience which was having a play of hers knocked back for an Independent Season at Belvoir, only to have the very same play receive awards and productions overseas. Rachel Healy turned to Neil Armfield and said, “Well, Neil, it looks like we stuffed up.” And I think everyone in that audience agrees: there has been some major stuff-ups when it comes to theatre companies being committed to equal opportunity employment. So much so Melbourne Theatre Company have since implemented an EEO policy. Read more

Where are the women? They’re AWOL and Online!


This time last year – a conversation started about the lack of women included in Australia’s mainstage seasons. Triggered by a shocking image at the launch of Company B’s 2010 season – a line up of men in black with one woman in a white shirt… the question was asked “Where are the Women?”

Blog posts, a Philip Parson’s lecture (presented as a panel) and some national and international press later – the conversation got bigger and louder and more complex resulting in an Action planning day for Women directors which was held in May 2010 at Belvoir. Members of the Australia Council’s Major Performing Arts Organisations came to hear the recommendations of women from all aspects of the industry – mediated by Anne Dunne. In August this year, the recommendations were finalised and submitted to the Australia Council. (I have included an excerpt compiled by Susanna Dowling below)

But what was missing in this discussion was the role of women playwrights in this discussion. Read more


bsn10 image lowres

Since April, I have been reading, researching, approaching playwrights… It’s what I spend most of my time thinking about… I talk to them, I read plays, I see plays, I hang out at playwriting courses… I see readings, I hold readings… all in the name of BRAND SPANKING NEW. Read more

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